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Johnny Football is Tony Romo

01/15/2014 5:31pm

I am not knocking your comparison in the slightest and think that it is very accurate.  I do however find it fascinating that as recently as this summer Todd McShay compared him to Doug Flutie and mentioned Russell as a much better pro prospect.   In that article he had Johnny as the 7th overall QB... NOT player.  Seems pretty amazing how much he improved/his reputation has changed.  

I have heard him be compared to Russell Wilson in the past.  What makes you think he is more like Romo? Is it that gun-slinging mentality? He has clearly developed a lot since last year and I am very intrigued to see him in the League.  Would you say he has a higher ceiling than Romo given this athleticism? Or is it unfair to say that given the level of competition that we have seen him against?

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He's Back!

01/09/2014 2:29pm

How do you trust this guy to run your program? After signing a 10
year deal with Louisville in 2006 he leaves a year later? He then resigns in
gutless fashion via a note on players’ lockers (11 months into a 5 year
deal). Followed up by his comical incident at Arkansas.  I cant wait
to see what’s next.  I love Mike Zimmer quote in response to him
leaving the Falcons:

“When a coach quits in the middle of the year and ruins a bunch of
people’s families and doesn’t have enough guts to finish out the year, I’m not
a part of it.  And you can put that in
the Arkansas News Gazette. I don’t really give a (bleep). He’s a coward, he
ruined a bunch of people’s lives, a bunch of families, kids, because he didn’t
have enough (guts) to stay there and finish the job. And that’s the truth. Most
people in football have enough courage about him and enough fight to stick it out
and not quit halfway through the year. It’s cowardly.” 

I guess when you are a middling school you have to give in and
hope for the best. Best case scenario, he stops being a shmuck and makes Louisville
a storied program.  Worst case- (INSERT OUTLANDISH STORY HERE).
 Likely scenario- he uses Louisville as a stomping ground and leaves early
from his 7 year deal. There should be larger restrictions/repercussions on
coaches moving, particularly when they leave a wake of shit in the rearview
mirror (I'm looking at you Calipari). If I put the over/under at 2.5
years, which way would you lean?

Comment to:

NFL Coaches are too conservative

01/08/2014 12:04am

Great read and an awesome Twitter account.  "You might not like it, but on that Chargers 4th and 5 at the #Broncos 12, I would have gone for it".  Tommy, I think those 4th down stats make sense given the teams success.  A team that is always down late in games is more likely to go for it.  I would like to see a more in depth look at those stats with the given circumstances.  Also, the Bot is further evidence that Belichick is a genious.  Everyone must still remember the talking heads after the 4th and 2 against the Colts.  

Posts: 2
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Sports Mount Rushmore

11/15/2013 4:40pm
last edited:01/03/2014 6:16pm

I took some vacation time 2 weeks ago to experience something I
have wanted to do for a very long time: attend an SEC football game.  As a
graduate of UMass, I have only heard my schools name announced on Sunday/Monday
night player intros a few times.  The likes of Marcel
Shipp, James Ihedigbo, and Vlad Ducasse (voted 2nd and 3rd ugliest player
on the Jets during har

Wesley Geraci
Posts: 9
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01/03/2014 6:16pm

College World Series, Masters Sunday at Augusta, Olympic Hockey Gold Medal Game (hopefully with Team USA playing), and LSU - BAMA at Death Valley under the lights. Maybe the Summer X Games

Wade Geraci
Posts: 50
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11/17/2013 3:13pm

LSU/Alabama has been the premier regular season American sporting even for a few years now. And, like your Florida Georgia experience, I'm guessing the teams don't need to both be elite for it to still be worthwhile. Would still love to catch that game with the current coaches.

Nick - know you're not a hockey fan, but I'd add going to a Leafs or Canadians game against any traditional rival. You know the passion is there. The Leafs haven't been good for decades and pack the house every night.


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