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2015 NFL Draft E

Joshua Campbell
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TE#1 Maxx Williams

04/21/2015 6:46pm
last edited:04/21/2015 6:52pm

Maxx Williams, TE, Minnesota

6'4" 249 lbs.

Current: 70/80

Potential: 75/80

While Maxx Williams was not a featured weapon in college due to a strong running game and poor quarterback play, but he definitely made the most of his opportunities and flashed his immense skillset and potential. Williams' value lies with his ability as a receiver, especially in the red zone. He scored 13 touchdowns in two seasons for the Gophers after redshirting his freshman season, many of which were due to his superior athletic ability.

He is not a burner, but has enough speed to threaten the seam and make plays with the ball in his hands after the catch. He has the ability to accelerate off the line and gain ground on his defender quickly. He is flexible in and out of breaks and is already an accomplished route runner. He has a knack for getting open and finding windows in the defense. He catches nearly everything and has a huge radius with his size and leaping ability. He makes more wow plays than any other tight end in this class, whether he is high pointing the ball, leaping over defenders or through them.

At this point, he is only serviceable as a run blocker. He tends to catch defenders rather than attack and needs to add functional strength at the next level. Considering he just turned 21, he still has room to grow into his frame and add strength. He is best as a blocker on the move and in space where his sheer size and determination takes over. He never gives up even if he gets beat at the point of attack. He was not used in pass protection, but he is the type of weapon every team would rather want running routes rather than stay in and pass protect.

While his game is a bit of a projection at this point, he offers immediate value as a pass catching tight end and could start on quite a few teams. He grades out at as a solid first round pick for me, but his draft range will likely be late first to early-mid second round. He has Jason Witten-like traits, but compares more favorably to Kyle Rudolph. He should have an immediate impact and will likely develop into a top 10 tight end at the next level.

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