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2014-15 NFL Season E

Joshua Campbell
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NFL Bracketology: Week 9

10/30/2014 5:05pm
last edited:11/04/2014 7:28pm

AFC Seeding

1. Denver Broncos (14-2)- With this defense beginning to become elite, the Broncos will cruise through the regular season.

2. Indianapolis (12-4)- Their defense scares the hell out of me to pick them this high, but Andrew Luck and the offense are that good right now.

3. New England Patriots (11-5)- The Patriots no longer win in dominating fashion, but they're still winning.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6)- Big Ben has the offense rolling and will lead them to a AFC North title.

5. San Diego Chargers (12-4)- The Chargers will fall just short of winning the division, but they are an elite team.

6. Baltimore Ravens (10-6)- Flacco, Forsett, and Steve Smith Sr. will come up big late in the year and grab the final playoff spot over the 9-6-1 Bengals.

NFC Seeding

1. Dallas Cowboys (12-4)- The best offensive line coupled with weapons galore will continue to carry the Cowboys.

2. Arizona Cardinals (12-4)- With Carson Palmer back, the Cardinals will finally overtake the NFC West crown.

3. Green Bay Packers (10-6)- The Packers are far from a complete team, but Rodgers carries them to an NFC North title.

4. New Orleans Saints (9-7)- The defense finally started causing turnovers against the Packers, but will continue to struggle. Brees carries them to a division title in the weakest division in football.

5. Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)- The Eagles showed some flaws against Arizona, but still have enough firepower to claim the 5th seed.

6. Seattle Seahawks (10-6)- Seattle finishes with the same record as the 49ers, but get the last Wild Card spot due to tiebreakers, but they are in serious danger of dropping too many games early on. 

AFC Wild Card Games 

(6) Baltimore Ravens at (3) Patriots 

Patriots-27 Ravens-23
Tom Brady is simply a better quarterback than Flacco and will make enough plays late to advance the Patriots. 

(5) San Diego Chargers at (4) Pittsburgh Steelers 

Chargers-31 Steelers-20 Rivers stakes his claim as an elite quarterback and outduels Big Ben.

AFC Divisional Games 

(5) San Diego Chargers at (1) Denver Broncos 

Broncos-27 Chargers-24
Rivers and Peyton Manning go toe-to-toe in an AFC West showdown, but Manning leads a touchdown drive at the end of the game to reach the AFC Championship. 

(3) New England Patriots at (2) Indianapolis Colts 

Colts-34 Patriots-28 Andrew Luck leads a game-winning drive in the final minutes after trailing for most of the game.

AFC Championship Game 

(2) Indianapolis Colts at (1) Denver Broncos 

Broncos-37 Colts-24
The Broncos dominate the game from start to finish and Manning gets another shot at a Super Bowl ring. 

NFC Wild Card Games 

(6) Seattle Seahawks at (3) Green Bay Packers

Seahawks-27 Packers-23 The Packers have a chance to win late, but Chancellor picks off Rodgers on the final drive to seal the game.

(5) Philadelphia Eagles at (4) New Orleans Saints

Saints-41 Eagles-38 The Saints top the Eagles for the second straight year. This year, it's a shootout.

NFC Divisional Games 

(4) Seattle Seahawks at (1) Dallas Cowboys 

Cowboys-24 Seahawks-23 Romo shakes off the choker label and leads a game-winning field goal drive to top the reigning Super Bowl champs.

(3) New Orleans Saints at (2) Arizona Cardinals 

Cardinals-34 Saints-17 The Saints' offensive line struggles against the Cardinals' blitzes and Brees is picked off 3 times as the Cardinals roll into the NFC Championship game.

NFC Championship Game 

(2) Arizona Cardinals at (1) Dallas Cowboys 

Cowboys-24 Cardinals-22 The Cardinals score late, but fail to get the 2-point conversion. Murray grinds out first downs to seal the game. 

Super Bowl 

(1) Dallas Cowboys at (1) Denver Broncos (Glendale, Arizona) 

Broncos-30 Cowboys-24
The Cowboys control the game with their ground game, racking up nearly 40 minutes of Time of Possession, but Manning strikes quickly and often throughout the game and earns his second Super Bowl ring.


Greg Davis
Posts: 29
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10/30/2014 7:09pm
The eagles lost to the Saints last year, FYI.
Joshua Campbell
Posts: 71
Takes score: 25029
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10/30/2014 7:22pm
@Greg- You're right. I fixed it. Saints won 26-24.

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