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Who Wins First?

10/16/2014 1:49am
last edited:10/16/2014 12:49pm

Two teams enter week 7 still looking for their first victory of the 2014-2015 season: the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Oakland Raiders. Their respective opponents this week are the Cleveland Browns and The Arizona Cardinals, both of which are homes games. The question remains, is this the week that one, or both, of these teams get off the shnide? I believe one of them will get their first victory of the season this week, but it isn't really because of the progress they are making as a team, it is more because of the opponent they are playing.

All aboard the Cleveland Browns hype train. A top 5 rushing attack and a more than adequate defense have the Browns and their fans feeling pretty good about their squad (though, don't tell Johnny Football that). They come into week 7 with an above .500 record for the first time in what may as well be a lifetime and just beat down their division rivals in the Pittsburgh Steelers this past week. They now go on the road to play a defeated Jacksonville squad who can show flashes of potential here and there, but are still a ways away from being considered any threat.

Then there is the sound Cardinals heading up to The Black Hole. The Cardinals continue to win games even with a quarterback shuffle throughout the season due to a stout defense, even with the injuries, and weapons at the skill positions on both sides of the ball. Their head ball coach Bruce Arians has done a fantastic job in his first 2 seasons with the team, always having his team ready to compete in what may be the toughest division in football. They go on the road to play an Oakland team fresh off their first game under interim head coach Tony Sporano in which they showed well against a very good San Diego team, but falling short 31-28.

So who wins? Oakland looks like they have made progress under Sporano after just 1 week with the new coach, but I think the Browns may head into Jacksonville expecting to come out on top only to see that reality crushed. Neither of these teams are going completely defeated, and I think the Jags will pull out victory #1 this week against a Browns team that is feeling good about itself. Young playmakers in Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, and Storm Johnson, along with veteran wide receiver Cecil Shorts will show enough fire power to outlast a Browns team that will need to take a look in the mirror to remind itself where it has been and where it is going. 

As for the Raiders, they are in trouble. The Cardinals are too well coached and too disciplined a squad to lose to a talentless Raiders bunch. Their schedule from there consists of dates with the aforementioned Browns (who will be looking to get back to winning and will do so), Seahawks, Broncos, Chargers, and Chiefs. The Raiders will win at least one game, but it may not be until week 13 against a decimated Rams squad.

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