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RBs to pick up on waivers

09/21/2014 3:14am
last edited:09/21/2014 10:10pm

1. Matt Asiata (Vikings) – If the other people in your league haven’t checked the internet in the past week, you may be able to still pick up Asiata on waivers. He is Adrian Peterson’s replacement on an offense that relies on the run. He is no AP, but he is a strong runner and is dangerous as a receiver. With Cassel at quarterback, you can expect a lot of drop-offs to Asiata. He doesn’t pick up many yards on the ground (maybe 30 or 40 per game), but he had 5 receptions last week for 48 yards and a touchdown. He is also good on the goal-line, allowing him to pick up extra points that way. I like his chances of scoring against a Saints’ defense that allowed Browns’ rookie back Terrance West to score his first touchdown last week. 

2. Ahmad Bradshaw (Colts) – I was shocked to see that Bradshaw was still available in many leagues. Bradshaw has outperformed “starter” Trent Richardson in every aspect of the word. Richardson has carried the ball 27 times over the past two weeks, while Bradshaw has only received 16 handoffs; however, Bradshaw has made the most of those opportunities and is only 14 yards behind Richardson. Bradshaw’s 5.3 yards per carry is way better than Richardson’s 3.7 yards per carry. Also, Bradshaw has 10 receptions for 96 yards and two touchdowns. Richardson has four receptions and no touchdowns and one lost fumble. Bradshaw is who you want, especially against the porous Jaguars’ defense this weekend. 

3. Chris Ivory (Jets) – Ivory and Johnson have been splitting carries, thus far, and it doesn’t seem like the sharing will stop anytime soon. Ivory has racked up two touchdowns and managed 6.3 yards per carry, though, while Johnson has a mere 3.6 yards per carry and zero touchdowns. Ivory appears to be the better of the two backs. 

4. Terrance West (Browns) – The rookie out of Towson got his first start in week two after Ben Tate was injured. Over the past two games, he has had 35 carries for 168 yards and two receptions for 22 yards. He also scored his first touchdown against the Saints last week. If he is somehow available still, you should pick him up. 
5. Antone Smith (Falcons) – The Falcons have a committee in the backfield, which means Smith’s value fluctuates week to week. However, I like Smith a lot. The 29 year old who has never started a game in his life has a penchant for breaking off big runs. Last year he averaged 29 yards per carry on five carries, two of which resulted in touchdowns. This year he is averaging 9.5 yards on six carries, one of which was a touchdown. Also, he has 3 receptions for 73 yards and a touchdown. If Bradshaw and Ivory are taken, Smith isn’t a bad option if you need a running back.

6. Knile Davis (Chiefs) – Jamaal Charles is one tough SOB. He is practicing just days after spraining his ankle. However, Davis has performed admirably in his stead and the Chiefs won’t want to overwork Charles. He has averaged 3.6 yards on 23 carries for 82 yards and two touchdowns over the past two weeks. He also has 7 receptions for 29 yards. For now, Davis is a decent option if you are pressed for a running back. Also, the Chiefs clearly trust him, as they drafted him in the third round two years ago. This is his chance to shine and Davis isn’t going to blow that. 

7. Isaiah Crowell (Browns) – The Browns’ backup running back is also a rookie, like West, and has proven himself quite capable, just like West. His yards per carry average is slightly higher, but he only has 16 carries to his name. Still, he has two touchdowns, opposed to West’s one touchdown.

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