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Greg Davis
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Predicting the 2014-2015 NFL Season

08/29/2014 12:43am
last edited:10/18/2014 7:54pm

NFC East
Division winner: Philadelphia Eagles
Wild Card: NONE

NFC West
Division winner: Seattle Seahawks
Wild Card: San Francisco 49ers

NFC North
Division winner: Green Bay Packers
Wild Card: Detroit Lions

NFC South
Division winner: New Orleans Saints
Wild Card: NONE

ANALYSIS: The superior NFC will have a crazy playoff run down the stretch. Teams like the Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Minnesota Vikings, and Arizona Cardinals will all be in contention down the stretch to get to the NFL's second season. Aside from the obvious picks, the biggest wild card of the picks above is the Detroit Lions. I believe the change at head coach and some added offensive weapons will finally be enough to turn all of those close losses into close victories.

AFC East
Division winner: New England Patriots
Wild Card: NONE

AFC West
Division winner: Denver Broncos
Wild Card: NONE

AFC North
Division winner: Pittsburgh Steelers
Wild Card: Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals.

AFC South:
Division winner: Indianapolis Colts
Wild Card: NONE

ANALYSIS: With two sorry divisions in the East and South providing less than stellar competition for the Patriots and Colts, the wild card teams will come from either the West or North. The Kansas City Chiefs have the talent to make a playoff push, but the defensive minded Ravens and Bengals will have just enough to keep the Chiefs out.

Wild Card Round

#3 Philadelphia vs. #6 Detroit - Philadelphia advances
#4 New Orleans vs. #5 San Francisco - New Orleans advances

#3 Pittsburgh vs. #6 Cincinnati - Cincinnati advances
#4 Indianapolis vs. #5 Baltimore - Baltimore advances

Divisional Round

#1 Seattle vs. #4 New Orleans - New Orleans advances
#2 Green Bay vs. #3 Philadelphia - Philadelphia advances

#1 Denver vs. #6 Cincinnati - Denver advances
#2 New England vs. #5 Baltimore - Baltimore advances

Conference Championship Round

#3 Philadelphia vs. #4 New Orleans - New Orleans advances
#1 Denver vs. #5 Baltimore - Denver advances

Super Bowl

#1 Denver vs. # 4 New Orleans

Denver Broncos are your Super Bowl Champions.

A year removed from an embarrassing Super Bowl performance, Peyton Manning leads his group back to the promised land without a stingy Seahawks defense in his way.


Adam Ondo
Posts: 105
Takes score: 27941
Picks: 69.7%
08/31/2014 8:05pm
last edited:09/08/2014 3:56pm
I agree except I think the Chiefs will get in instead of the Ravens. I also think the Cardinals will beat the 49ers and make it in. Then I predict Cardinals v. Bengals (Palmer's revenge as Cardinals win).
Greg Davis
Posts: 29
Takes score: 12357
Picks: 47.9%
09/01/2014 12:17am
last edited:09/08/2014 3:56pm
I think the real Chiefs were the ones who showed up in the 2nd half of last season. Their schedule to start the 2013 season was a cake walk. I don't think the defense is as formidable as it was made out to be, and captain check down won't do enough. It will be a close race, though.

You're predicting a Cardinals vs. Bengals Super Bowl? That's bold. There's just no way Carson can get a team to the Super Bowl at this stage in his career. The best shot he had was the year the Steelers took out his ACL on that bomb touchdown in Wild Card round in the playoffs once upon a time.


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