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Stephen Hebert
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01/25/2014 7:00pm
last edited:01/26/2014 12:42am

After reading all this draft/ legacy/ team building talk it got me thinking - the cliche it starts from the top kind of has more meaning.  The teams that continuously win either have great ownership or the right GM/President - with significant job security. Being able to take time and build something slowly is probably the most effective way to create a culture/system with stability.  Only problem is that can take years.  Teams that toss it together and are ready to sell out to save their jobs (I see you Billy King) or because their owners are crazy (Dolan) are the reasons for franchise demise.  

It makes you recognize how well the Boston sports teams are run - Celtics, Danny is not going anywhere and Brad Steven signed a long term contract. Wyc understands its a rebuild and will not push for irrational change.  Bruins have a owner who, lets just say, I am not fond of.  But he made the right decision putting Cam as president to oversee Peter building the kind of organization that they have become.  The Krafts/Bill have been in charge of arguably the most successful sports franchises for the past 14 years.  Redsox, finally got their heads out of their ass and are reaping the benefits of slowing down and going the less splashy route. (I do think Splashy is more ok in baseball because of the no cap, hence Yanks success, but you get the idea)

To the argument - yes, but all these teams have elite talent to go with it - has some validity.  However a perfect example of saying ownership can still kill talent level is Cleveland with Lebron - they went win now instead of slowly growing the team. This put them in cap jail.  Lebron being in the championship with a pathetic supporting cast, ultimately leading to him taking his talents to South Beach. (I never blamed Lebron or any star for bouncing from a team in FA - just hated the DECISION, and just don't really like Bron Bron in general) 

I feel like ownership groups go a little under the radar and we need to point out how fortunate Boston is to have the owners we do. (Even, Gulp, Jacobs - he has been spending to the cap - can't believe I just said that)  

I will still question their moves and probably complain about something that the team is doing - but it is time to give props where props are due. 


Tom Johnson
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01/25/2014 10:34pm

Robert Kraft is the gold standard for ownership around here, but he wasn't always that way. Remember Parcells' famous quote when Kraft forced the team to take Terry Glenn: "They want you to cook the dinner; at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries. Okay?"

It is amazing how he has done a 180 with Belichick, letting him completely run the show. It's a real credit to Kraft for learning from his past mistake and putting aside his ego for the betterment of the organization. He is clearly the best owner in sports and the Patriots are the best run franchise in professional sports. 

Wade Geraci
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01/26/2014 12:45am

Well said. Its true, the ownership group is the most important element of every sports franchise. It may be less obviously is leagues with salary caps, but the list of owners who have derailed their franchises (cough, Jerry Jones, cough) under the salary cap system is long.

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