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Mickey Kowaleski
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Michael Sam redefines masculinity

02/12/2014 7:54pm
last edited:02/12/2014 8:21pm

Last Sunday, Michael Sam usurped Johnny Manziel's position as the most over-analyzed prospect in the 2014 NFL Draft. It's for the best of reasons, of course, and while the talking heads debate for hours about gay athletes in the NFL, I'd like to talk about where his lasting impact will be.

Masculinity has a p

Connor Ross
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02/13/2014 10:18am
last edited:02/14/2014 2:07pm

Great article mick. This is a touchy subject and I understand both sides. This topic is more than football. Its pretty close to the Jackie robinson type situation. I'm not going to sit here and say that this going to turn out to be good because chances are it won't be. It's going to be a long emotional struggle for Sam almost the same way Jackie Robinson had to go through. The thing you have to understand is in the world we live in people are brought up in different environments and have different beliefs. It's going to take 53 men and plus more to accept this guy on their team. That's a lot to ask for anyone specially people who never been around gay people no doubt about it. It will hurt Sams draft stock I can tell you that. Now I do have hope for this man only if he can face the backlash he is going to get. When your on the field your gonna have to accept everything that is going to be said to you. If he can translate words and the threats that he will receive into anger on  to the football field then this guy is going to be something special. He's has to understand he's not just doing this for him self he's doing this for every other homosexual person out there who is struggling to enjoy there life as a equal human being.  Basically it comes down to this can he take the punches if he can then god bless him if he can't he might want to find a new hobby. What ever it comes down to I respect the man it took a lot of courage to do what he did and I wish him the best of luck. But this will be a tough battle Its already starting-->  @TMZ: Earlier: NFL Star Raheem Brock -- 'Guys Won't Go In the Shower If They Know a Gay Guy's In There' [VIDEO] http://t.co/rg3R3vWAB4

Tom Johnson
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02/12/2014 8:35pm
last edited:02/12/2014 9:05pm

First of all, great piece!

If you a think about it, Michael Sam is just a young man who decided to pursue a more difficult path because he is honest and it is the right thing to do. Isn't willingly facing adversity for the greater good supposed to be the definition of being a man? I'm rooting for him and hopefully he'll have major impact both on-and-off the field at the next level. 

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